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Ring of Fire

Studio Filmbilder just uploaded Ring of Fire in full 1080p glory into YouTube. And since it’s one my favourite projects that I had the chance to work on, here it is:

Flay.com used to host an article about the production process of Ring of Fire in 2000, unfortunately it isn’t hosted anymore.

I did retrieve it though and here is a repost. One thing to remember… these were the days when half a GB or RAM was huge and disk drives were still 10s of GBs as opposed to thousands…
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Kärcher: Water Cooled Motor

This animation visualizes how Kärchers first water cooled motor for pressure washers works.

The motor itself is based on a CAD created IGES file provided by the customer. The water was animated manually using particles and the path wind available in Lightwave 3D.

The final animation was rendered in 1080p as 12 passes that were assembled in eyeon Fusion 5.3.

Both exrTrader and shaderMeister were used. The project provided some valuable insight on further development of these plugins.

Producer: Matthias Paar / polychrom
Customer: Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs-GmbH

Hüttinger “Elektrisierende Verwandlung”

The movie “Elektrisierende Verwandlung” introduces different usage scenarios for the power generators produced by Hüttinger.

3D animation is used to show how the generators work and to convey their advantages in different production scenarios.

CG elements were added to the footage to make the transition between the real and the virtual world more fluent.

Production: Schokolade Filmproduktion GmbH
Director: Florian Rederer
Music/Sound: vetterton
Awards:Honors Award at the Galaxy Awards 2008, Bronze at the WorldMediaFestival 2008, Silver at Le Creusot Filmfestival 2008, ITVA-Award in Silver 2007

Tools: LightWave 3D, Fusion, SynthEyes

Antenne 1

Oh my, this one goes back a long time.

I worked on this commercial in 1999, and it was a first on many levels: 2K resolution, a production that combined 3D, morphing, 2D compositing as well as a motion control camera. This was at a time when 512MB of Ram were considered massive (at least by me 😉 ).

Hey, I got to be the on-set supervisor as well, which was a huge experience but also quite tiring with two 14 hour days of shooting.

As far as I’m concerned that’s my first “proper” VFX project.

Favourite anecdote: When we screened the final edit to the customer I fell asleep every time I’d hit play on the editing suite. And this is a 40s piece! Too many non-existing nights, but well worth it.

So here we go, this was the result of six weeks of coding, compositing and cursing. I hope you enjoy it.

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Additional 3D: Alexander Burkhardt, Bjørn Mayer
Produced by: filmbüro Ludwigsburg (now polychrom)
Tools: LightWave 3D, discreet *paint/effect, discreet *edit, Elastic Reality

Gemü: MBlockM600

I’ll be posting some of the previous projects that I’ve worked on.

As a start, this is a project from 2006 that visualizes the advantages of single block valves as manufactured by Gemü.

The 3D animation is based on CAD data and has been rendered in LightWave 3D, the project was composited in eyeon Fusion.

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Production: polychrom Paar & Rieger GbR

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